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Part 1: Exercise
  • Do you do any exercise of a regular basis? (Why / Why not?)


  • What sports are usually compulsory at school in your country?


  • Can you remember what sports you enjoyed doing at school? (Why / Why not?)


  • Are there any sports you particularly like watching? (Why / Why not?) 
Part 2
Describe a sport you like.
You should say:
  • what it is


  • if you like to play it, watch it or both


  • when was the last time you played/watched the sport?
and explain why you like it so much. 
Part 3
Discussion Topics: Healthy Life Style
  • Do you think people's life style is healthier now than in the past? (Why? / Why not?)


  • What could the government do to encourage people to have a healthier life?


  • Do you think there should be more control over the advertising of unhealthy products? 

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