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The IELTS exam has 4 modules in total; one of these is the IELTS Speaking. This module is somewhat different from the other modules in a number of ways.

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IELTS ex-examiners and experts scrutinize and give feedback to your essay. On the basis of IELTS band descriptors as well as the three criteria, experienced assessors will check your speaking.

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How does this service will impact your speaking

  • You will understand how to structure your speaking to create the best first impression.
  • You will be able to focus on what's REALLY important, instead of wasting your energy on things that don't matter..

IELTS Speaking Test tips

As the IELTS speaking test is Interactive, it requires some human qualities and specific skills.

How can one improve speaking in this exam?

This is a two-way process. Only speaking wouldn’t work. Without enough listening inputs, no non-native speaker can perform well in the exam. Listening is number one task here. Listening not only improves pronunciation but also vocabularies. Another important task is the act of speaking itself. Without practice speaking, none can make improvements. Being a fluent speaker takes time. Conversing, recording one's voice, shadowing, emulating are some of the effective ways of honing someone's speaking skill. The more someone speaks, the better he becomes as a speaker over time. You can appear an online IELTS speaking practice test at and you also can get IELTS Speaking test samples at this site.

Talk like a Human

Number one tip is to talk to the examiner like a human not a robot. A lack of intonation would lower the score. Candidates should answer the questions directly in part one and three. They shouldn't repeat the questions but paraphrase them as it improves lexical resources and grammatical skill. Give enough details, especially in part 3. Don't give short answers, as this lowers overall speaking score.

Practice with some common topics

It will comfort you in the real exam. Try to logically organize ideas. Try using discourse markers as linkers. It increases the cohesion score. Clarity triumphs all. This is the reason why, speak as clearly as possible. Clear pronunciation is more important than having a British accent.

Treat the examiner as a person

Treat the examiner as a person, not a recording device. Be nice to the examiner; he or she is there to assist you in your exam. Don't give memorized answers. Ideas are not important. It is the candidates English that matters the most. The candidate should listen to the questions carefully so that he or she doesn't go talking off topic.

Show contrast for a detailed answer in cases.

One can compare with the past as well. Compare and contrast between common matters. Give examples whenever is possible. Use less common words for some general adjectives and verbs. Use referencing words. This makes answers less repetitive. Try using phrasal verbs to sound natural and fluent. Use fillers. This shows native like feature. Practice taking notes and answer following these notes. This helps spoken part 2. Use cue cards to practice spoken part 2. Practice describing person, object, place, event, journey and many other topics. Try describing events in past, present and future tenses.

Is accent important in IELTS Speaking test?

Accent is no big deal as long as it doesn't interfere with the clarity of speech. If the voice is clear, a little bit of accent isn't a problem. The bottom line is, the speaking of the speaker has to be understandable. There is another issue which bothers many candidates. It is whether they should have an American or British accent. Accents of these kinds are not mandatory by any means. Even without native accent someone can get a high band score like band 8 or even in many cases candidates can achieve a band 9. Again, clarity triumphs all.

What is asked in the IELTS exam?

The exam is designed so that a candidate can be assessed by the examiner using a set of questions. Different types of questions test different skills of speaking. A range of questions test the candidates spoken calibre. Without challenging the speakers, the exam would have been very easy to them. Difficulty and variety of the questions bring the level of a candidate.

IELTS Speaking Sections :

There are three sections in IELTS speaking — section 1, 2, and 3 where the difficulty level increases gradually. Each of the sections is unique in itself.

Part – 1: The first section is all about the candidate where the he or she cannot be wrong. The questions are relatively simple. In this section, there is no right or wrong answer. However, the approach regarding any question has to be correct.

Part – 2: (Cue Card) Then comes section number 2, which is often called the long run. This cue card-oriented section is challenging because of the length of the talk. Here, the candidate is given the cue card, and he or she has to take down notes in the space of 1 minute. There is a topic with several prompts which, are guidelines only. After completing the notes, the candidate is given two minutes to response. It is the examiner who keeps the time.

Part – 3: Finally, comes the section number 3, which is mainly a discussion. This is a rough outline of the IELTS speaking module that lasts between 11 to 15 minutes depending on the level of the candidate and the type of

How can I get a high band score?: Everyone wants to get a decent speaking score as it impacts the overall IELTS band score. What does it take to achieve a high band like 8 in IELTS Speaking test? This is a very subjective question. It depends on the level and the effort of the candidate. Achieving a high score in this level takes much time. This candidate of eight band has native like fluency and organisation in speaking, which are rare in non-natives. Typically, this candidate can speak in any given situation effortlessly. There is no alternative to regularly speaking English if someone is to score this high.


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