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27th Aug 2019

IELTS Reading Strategies: Matching Features Questions

English is one of the most used languages in the world. People all over the world use English for their day to day life. English is used for communication, for education, for writing documents and many other purposes. In this fast-growing world if you are not competent enough in using English then you will fall behind and lag than others. Anyone who realizes the importance of English is now taking part in improving their skills, it is high time everyone achieves some level of expertise in English.

IELTS reading test is one of the lengthiest tests of the IELTS exam and one gets only one hour. There will be 3 passages and 40 questions. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to answer all the questions because of the long paragraphs. Examinees have to be very quick to answer maximum questions.

There may be many concerns arising when you are on the preparation period for the IELTS exam. Don’t spend your precious time worrying about unnecessary aspects that wouldn’t do any help. When I was about to take the exam, I used to spend most of my time focusing on practicing the reading section. This is the part I found too challenging to complete. In this article, I’ll give you the most detailed introductions such as tips, skills and common mistakes for the Matching Features Questions type in the hope that you can successfully answer this question type.

What are Matching Features questions?

Now, before getting familiar with anything, we’d better know what that “anything” is, right?

In the reading module, some questions require you to match features. That’s the Matching Features Questions, 1 out of 11 IELTS reading question types. It’s as simple as it sounds. In most contexts, features are a list of options (a job, a name, a location, a city, etc.) or a collection of statements (facts, opinions or even theories). No matter what they are, you’re always about to match two lists of different but interconnected things. For example fruits and their skin colors, prey and their predators, countries and its traditional practices, causes, and effects. Sometimes, you’ll be given people’s names or jobs to match their suitable statements or opinions.  

Steps process to follow to deal with Matching Features questions

Successfully answering Matching Features questions is nothing out of your reach. You can follow the steps I recommend right below.


1 First, read the instructions.

This is not a time-consuming but rather a necessary step you don’t want to miss. You have to know what type of matching features you’re facing. Are they facts, opinions or theories? This is the way to quickly understand what you’re looking for in the text surrounding the keywords. Reading the instructions also helps to figure out how you have to answer the questions.

2 Carefully read all the given features and highlight keywords.

You should pay attention to this single step. If you’re not confident with what keywords the features hold, you may easily get confused. Don’t forget to highlight (again) the keywords in those features. It seems like a not so important part at all, but highlighting does you a favor, especially when you have just a few minutes left to complete this Matching Features questions part. This step also helps you match the highlighted words or phrases to some piece of suitable information while reading the text.

3 Scan the passage and look for keywords

When you finally have the idea of your purpose, which is the keyword in “your hands”, scan through the whole passage to look for those keywords. Highlight or underline anything that catches your eyes with the right match.

4 Read the part of the passage that contains keywords

When I say “contain”, I mean sentences with the keywords. However, you may sometimes find it also necessary to go through the previous and the next sentence. That’s alright as long as you remember to wisely use your limited time. 

Doing Matching Features questions part is a journey to a treasure island. You’d better understand that the precious treasure box usually comes in disguise. The words or phrases you’re searching will not always stay the same as they are in the passage. Therefore, you should highlight some synonyms and even antonyms of them to track. Being flexible is the golden key to open the box.    

5 You’re ready to match the features with suitable questions

You’ve just found the relevant information in the passage for the keywords. Reread all the questions to see if there’s anything matching. Now it’s time to match the features with the relevant questions.


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